Thursday, September 22, 2016

First day of fall.

My favourite season is upon us.  Last third of the year - barreling towards the last quarter.  Always a time of reflection and a good time to refocus my attention and intentions for the balance of the year.  Grateful for Thursday schedule:: another day without rain:: less hot flashes this morning:: coloured markers:: september fashion magazines.

Last day of Summer

grateful for:  new iphone at good dealeo:: one last day of sunshine and blueskies to end out summer:: slaying the exercise dragon:: conversation with my daughter:: good sleep

Thursday, September 15, 2016

september birthdays

Dad turned 82 yesterday.  It's Tara's birthday today.  This photo is from when he turned 90 and we drove down to Oliver to celebrate with him.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

there and back again

Home from an epic Maritime tour with these people.  Top photo was taken in Chilliwack just before the Jordans departed for Moncton.  Bottom picture is the six of us in Moncton just before the Jordans leave Moncton and head back to BC. 

So many activities and memories packed into two weeks.  Living as a group for an extended period of time was interesting.  I think we did pretty well considering the personalities involved.  It was not without challenges but there were moments we were each able to pull away from the group and recharge or defuse whatever we needed.  

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Yesterday was a strange day for me.  We moved our daughter out of our house to her own apartment.  She is excited to make the move.  On one hand I am excited for her and on the other I am heart broken.  Is that too strong of a descriiption.  No not heart broken - more reluctant to see her go just yet.  There is so much still to learn.  She is finishing up school this month; then she needs to find full time employment.  There seems to be a reluctance to leave our area.  The idea that you leave to go where the job is seems foreign.  Now, to be fair there is someone else in the picture complicating matters just a wee bit.  So, I struggle with wanting to offer "tips for living" knowing that they will fall on deaf ears.  I just gotta let her go and see how it all shakes down.  Gah.  Not liking it one little bit.  

counting down the days

How long ago was this photo taken?  I can't remember - before everyone used my fitness pal for sure.  I know this was the day we went to see Great Lake Swimmers in Vancouver.  I know we talked about the Honolulu Zoo.  I had knitted my first scarf because I am wearing it.

Soon - we will be altogether again.  All of us are different people now.  It will be a bittersweet vacation.  So much living has been lived.  Our children are growing up; some of them are moving out, some have moved out.  Our children are making their own decisions, good and bad ones.  My heart aches a bit for the past and yet I am certain there will be more good memories in the future.