Tuesday, May 23, 2017

checking in and feeling well

Guys.   I was challenged to use one word to describe the weekend.  I chose:  Productive.  We accomplished so much this long weekend.  The weather was spectacular and that definitely helped... but I also have way more energy.... here is the thing... I did not realize I was struggling with my energy levels until I actually started seeing improvement.  My first clue is that I was making mental lists of all the things we were going to do this long weekend.  It dawned on me that I was saying the words .. on the weekend we are going to do this or that... I decided I had better start writing the projects down.  I did and they were substantial.  Here is the thing... it did not phase me.  Whereas a month before I am certain I would have given up without even starting.  So.  Why the change?  Well,  a big part of it has to do with the fact that I went to see a naturopath about hot flashes ... yep.  I did.  But... in that discussion we started talking about energy levels and thyroid function... and after some tests... it appeared my thyroid was not functioning at an optimum level... so we have made some adjustments and I am taking some magnesium... and I am feeling better.  I know I have more energy because we accomplished so many things.  

What I learned is that we make slow adjustments and we do not even notice we are making them.  
That sometimes we need help in seeing what is actually happening.
Sometimes is is not just in our heads.  
It is good to have someone else evaluate what is actually going on and give us feedback.
Being self aware is a good thing; and recognizing we might need a bit of help and being willing to accept it is also a good thing.

Some big changes are happening soon.  More to come.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday gratitudes #findthelight

  • Long weekend is upon us
  • mid week Donairs with Hannah
  • the new BBQ works like a charm 
  • fast recovery from the cold/flue I endured last weekend
  • a gifted box of new to me clothes 
The long weekend is almost here.  The promise of sunshine sits just outside the hazy morning.  I dare to believe I will sit on my deck and bask in the warm rays.  For the past week I have been saying "on the long weekend we will do X..." at some point on Thursday I realized the list was getting long and unwieldy and I had better start writing things down.  I created a page in my journal just for all the tasks/ chores/ projects/ hopes and desires for the weekend - not so much a to do list but just a brain dump.  Then we can prioritize and plan.  There are inside chores and outside projects.  It is all about clarity.  Not everything will get done, and that will be OK. Happy Weekending.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

on intuition

I have been thinking a lot about intuition lately.  How has it served me in the past, how it is almost like a muscle to be trained.  It requires practice and fortitude.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday Gratitudes

  • impromptu coffee chat with my son in the early morning hours before work
  • new glasses - it has been 8 years with the same specs - my prescription has only changed a wee bit so I always just updated my contacts....but this year decided on a refresh and I love them and I can see a little better too; and because the sun is reluctant to shine I do not need to worry about sunglasses
  • fresh hair - it is a luxury for sure and one I appreciate and enjoy - I get my monthly fashion magazine fix - 
  • we had a great couple of classes in my coaching class - hard to believe we are winding down and booking practicums at the end of the month
  • overall I have felt a little more balanced this week; have a greater perspective and long term view 
We had the odd blue sky day which was unexpected and quite glorious.  I am looking forward to a weekend to catch up on some tasks around the house and garden.  

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Gratitudes

Crazy to think we are entering the 5th month of the year.  Time for some serious introspection and check ins to see if I am on track?  How is my word of the year DECISIVE guiding me?  Is it?  Do I need to course correct?  What does that look like?  What have I learned?  How are you all doing this year?  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

weekly intention - wednesday version

Mid week.  Unbelievable that we are here.  I am here.  Yesterday was a brutal day.  I truly almost felt like throwing in the towel.  So many interactions were difficult when they should not have been.  

My goal this week was to focus on sitting in stillness.  I do this every day but, to take time to be aware of how important it is for me.  To be thankful that I have the opportunity to rest in the quiet before the crazy day begins.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday gratitudes #findthelight

  • Sunshine - always, always grateful for sunshine
  • no boots - I think I have finally retired my boots - they are now officially non work attire - next fall I will need something new - these are now officially weekending attire
  • no socks - bare legs for the first time this year 
  • new BBQ - Whole30 chicken on the BBQ - along with salad and roasted potatoes - we sat in the sun until it was dusk - ate by candlelight as we lost power - stored up reserves as the weather now turns to 9 days of rain.....
  • Wine on the deck - I have eliminated beer from my diet until Summer - for a variety of reasons - so using the opportunity to explore some new BC Wines that I have not tried before 
  • conversation with dad - it was good to talk to the parents - we discovered through twitter you can buy Oxygen saturation monitors for the home.... you would think someone in one of the hospitals/ dr offices might have mentioned this ... anyways he is all set up 
Seriously guys.  The sunlight yesterday was life changing.  I know, I need light and this arrived just at the right time.  I was able to reset the sail on a couple of tasks/ goals.  I literally just sat still and filled up the tank inside... knowing that I would need to tap into the reserve later.