Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 3 Remembering 2016 #findthelight

Day 3: What did you let go of this year?
I am posting a month’s worth of prompts to focus my attention and reflect on the year of 2016. Won’t you join me here and/ or on Facebook / Ramona L Wildeman? I would love some company.
I have had to let go of this young person below. It is not easy being a parent. No one tells you about the heartache. Daggers to the heart. Flattens you completely. I am a work in progress.

Friday Gratitudes

  1. our Christmas tree - my son chose it; my children were both home to decorate it - the light infuses my core giving me the strength and desire to continue to fight the darkness and find the light
  2. new connections - I have said it before, but I am thankful for all the new connections I am making 
  3. my little hardworking espresso machine 
  4. flannel sheets 
  5. new sweater - this will become the office sweater .... so I do NOT have to wear my coat indoors

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Remember 2016 Day 2 #findthelight

Day 2: What is one thing you have accomplished? How did it make you feel?
I am posting a month’s worth of prompts to focus my attention and reflect on the year of 2016. Won’t you join me here and/ or on Facebook / Ramona L Wildeman? I would love some company.
I hiked a major mountain this year, Gros Morne in Newfoundland. It was a major physical feat. I was not in the best of shape. In hindsight we did not have the best footwear, but I hiked it with comrads; the very best of friends. I felt a bit like Frodo… or maybe Samwise Gangee … shale and more shale and when we reached the summit; the wind was so cold and the fog had descended…. It felt like we were on the edge of the world. And then we had to hike down. It took what seemed like forever; rock and mud and more rock and more mud and then the forest and then we were home.
There were some serious conversations going on in my head. Talking myself down the mountain; paying no attention to the shaking legs and weak knees… pushing through discomfort. Reminding myself when I think I don’t have it in me to remember these moments and I actually do. I can do more than I think I can.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Remember 2016 - Dec 1 #findthelight

Day 1:  If you had to define 2016 with one word, what would it be?  Do you do this already?  I have been choosing a word for the year since 2010.  I learned about it somewhere on the internets... there are several people who talk about the idea of choosing a word to guide your next year; rather than set resolutions.  It is more of an intention setting exercise.  I will link up some resources* for you'all to check out as I am certainly not the only person suggesting this exercise.  But for now, think about 2016 and if you were to summarize it in one word what would it be.  This will help start the process of choosing new word for 2017.  
My word for 2016 was CONFIDENT:  Having strong belief or full assurance; sure of oneself; having no uncertain beliefs about one's abilities; bold

I chose the word to guide my actions this year.  To move myself forward in new directions with regards to my career and my business and myriad projects.  I will use the remainder of this month to reflect on all the activities, challenges, successes, defeats and see where they fit into this word CONFIDENT.

Let me know the word you choose in the comments or  on my facebook page if you want to share; if you want to keep it to yourself - write it in down for your eyes only... whatever you wish.

*inspired by Gwen Bell , Ali Edwards, Susannah Conway  Gwen Bell put me on the task of using the month of December to reflect on the past year... Ali Edwards and Susannah Conway offer entire courses and workbooks on choosing your word.... I have used Susannah's course several years in a row and highly recommend it... you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Getting ready

Brought out all the things today.  It was pouring rain; dismal.  I have always loved Advent and the Nativity fast - I love the anticipation of Christmas almost more than the Feast itself.  But, this year I have not been feeling it.  Our hearts are a bit heavy these days and it all seemed a bit much.  We forged on and set up our Christmas lights.  We made a few adjustments and changed it up a bit.  We picked out our tree and we set it up inside.  I will hang the lights and everyone will come home tomorrow and we will decorate it.  Just those activities made a difference in my heart.  I was motivated to mix up a batch of gingerbread.  I have always known that you need to do the activity first; there is value in doing the work, falling into the ritual.  

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday gratitudes

  1. No frost on the Jeep when I had to make a quick trip to the corner store for milk this moring
  2. The corner store that is open at 6 am
  3. A quiet evening at home last night
  4. Sisters and friends who listen
  5. Christmas wreaths - reminding me I love the anticipation of the Nativity season almost more than the day itself

Thursday, November 24, 2016